Here are some foto's of our team during Createch '99

If you have a big bandwith, you can use this link to get all the pictures at once on your display.

The Preperation/Building:

From left to right: Paul, Geert and Sjoerd.
Contruction the bridge first...
Jeroen is busy making the lance to bump the smileys.
Little discussion between the students Electrotechnics.
On the right Christian and Jeroen are making the last perfections to the lance.

The Test:

Testing the bridge on the test-track...

The Result:

The vehicle is docked on the bridge (and holding) [1].
The vehicle is docked on the bridge (and holding) [2].
The bridge viewed in front (and Paul's feet).
The lance onfolded :-)

The Competition:

Getting ready for the first game against "Inter Pocula".
The bridge lays nice in the ditch and the vehicle gets perfectly to the other side.
Next game against the guys whose bridge didn't work very well...
The bridge is falling perfectly in the ditch :)
We lost the half final against "Alles kan kapot" (Everything can be broken) :(