The Luon Network provides many services for its users. You can read more about us and about these services on this website.

Below follows some news about the Luon Network; you can read it here or subscribe to our feed.

Reworked the site

We have reworked and updated the site. It should be more useful now and easier to keep up to date as well.

Our new cloud service: Nextcloud

We have decided to replace ownCloud with Nextcloud. The migration from ownCloud 10 to Nextcloud 13 has gone very smoothly and after a few weeks of testing, this is going to be our new, real cloud service. Nextcloud offers us much more stability in the future and already mature services and applications. Every Luon user can access it using the login credential to used access his/her/their email.

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Offering ownCloud

We have installed ownCloud on one of our servers to offer a way for Luon users to store files “in the cloud” and share them while preserving their privacy. This is still an experiment though!

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This website was migrated to Jekyll, but should otherwise look and feel the same as before.


Because all of the sysops have moved on from the TU Eindhoven, it has been long past due to move our servers as well. The move has been quite a task, but as of yesterday our servers are located at a data center in Rijen, Noord-Brabant, NL via our new hoster, Bitency.

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