Welcome to the Luon Network;

Although the Luon Network; provides many many services for Luon users, the web page has not been used much over the past years and therefore contains only an overview and some basic information.



2015-04-03 — Jekyll

This website was migrated to Jekyll, but should otherwise look and feel the same as before.

2012-08-21 — Moved!

Because all of the sysops have moved on from the TU Eindhoven, it has been long past due to move our servers as well. The move has been quite a task, but as of yesterday our servers are located at a data center in Rijen, Noord-Brabant, NL via our new hoster, Bitency.

Following this move will be a cleanup and then a restructuring of the servers/services, as we are not limited by 3 physical machines anymore.

2011-09-13 — Added web statistics

Every website hosted by us has received automated web statistics analysis and an accompanying webpage that displays this information, available via http://<domain>/webstats. See for example the statistics of this site.

With this transition, I moved from the old webalizer to AWstats. Old statistics (up until 11 September 2011) are still be available via http://webalizer.luon.net, optionally followed by the domain name.

2011-09-07 — Added webmail, refreshed wiki service

Only a few days before sphere.luon.net will be shutdown, I have added a webmail service that will access Luon mail or mail on virtual domains hosted by Luon, hosted on target.luon.net.

I have also refreshed the Luon Wiki, switching from gitit to ikiwiki. We also support hosting other ikiwikis, if needed.

Make sure our SSL certificates are valid! If not, please let us know. Due to the move it could be, though, that there is a hostname mismatch (for example *.vtilburg.net with webmail.luon.net).

2011-06-30 — Added contacts/CardDAV service

To supplement out CalDAV service, I have enabled CardDAV support and made it available via contacts.luon.net.

2011-03-15 — Down due to electrical fire

Due to an electrical fire in the airconditioning unit, we have been down for the past 36 hours because we first had to find out what the cause was and the fire department/building manager asked us not to start any of the equipment until this morning.

2011-02-01 — Luonica; down

Our StatusNet service Luonica; has been taken down due to ongoing problems with the (rather unsupported) PostgreSQL-backend of StatusNet.

2010-09-26 — New website!

The previous website was not working anymore due to changes in PHP. As a result, this page has been defunct for many months, dare I say years. But, because most of the Luon people don’t really check this website anyway, it wasn’t a big deal.

I am not gonna pretend that this new site is going to be better and will attract your recurrent visits now. So, I’ve posted some (rather timeless) info about the Luon Network; on here and we’ll see how it goes from there…