Matrix Service;

Luon Matrix is a Matrix homeserver that can be used by any Luon user without requesting an account explicitly. The Matrix homeserver will store the conversation history of all rooms that any Luon user is participating in securely.

For more information about Matrix, see:


Given that Matrix is open protocol, there are many clients available. For a full overview, see the clients page at Below follows a selection of the most relevant clients.


We have our own instance of Element Web which is a web-based, fully featured client for Matrix. It is preconfigured to use the Luon Matrix homeserver. It can be found at: You can log in using your Luon account username and password.

Other nice web-based clients are FluffyChat and Cinny.


On GNOME, there is the Fractal Matrix client. It does not support all the features of Matrix just yet, but has a clean interface that fits well into the desktop. You can install it via Flatpak using Flathub.

For all the features, you can use the fully featured Element Desktop, installable using Flathub.


For Windows, the best option is to use is Element Desktop. In contrast with Element Web, you don’t need to keep the browser open and get notifications when there are new messages.

Mac OS

Similar as for Windows, the best option to use is Element Desktop.


There are various kinds of mobile clients available, but the most well-known and fully featured are Element and FluffyChat.

The new generation client Element X is also now available and supported by our server. This client is meant to be more user-friendly and targetted towards the general public instead of tech-savvy users. Note that they don’t have all features supported by the traditional Element client yet.

Logging In

Depending on the client, you might either have to use your username and homeserver domain/URL or your Matrix ID (MXID) to log in. So, you can use the following:



and of course in all cases the password of your Luon account.

Other users on the Luon homeserver as well as on any other Matrix homeserver can use your Matrix ID to contact you. It is fully federated like e-mail!


Luon users are invited to join the room where participants will be notified of Luon news and Luon things can be discussed.

Feel free to create your own public, or private, rooms!