Big Move

As you all have noticed, we have successfully moved our servers from the Dutch hoster Bitency to a dedicated server at the German hoster Hetzner a few weeks ago.

Why? And does this mean?

We wanted, but couldn’t upgrade our servers at our old hoster because they stopped offering the dedicated server hosting service. So, with this move, we got our upgrade! The servers have more RAM and disk space now and finally use SSDs instead of spinning HDDs which makes our services, IMAP and Matrix in particular, much more responsive.

If you are hosting email services with us, nothing has changed and everything should still be working.

If you are hosting web pages or services, you’ll need to update your DNS records! Perform the following replacements for all records that match the IP address on the left:

  • A:
  • AAAA: 2a00:8240:5:10::212a01:4f8:13a:ee3::4

What’s next?

With more memory and disk space available, we are planning to move the Nextcloud service “Luon Cloud” from Void (at Paul’s home) to Torus (at the data center). It will make the service more responsive, more reliable and not bothered by internet connection or hardware outages.

This rather complex migration will happen over the next few weeks and it can be intermittedly unavailable. If the service seems down for a while, or you are unsure whether the service should be working properly, check our status page.

We will start with a partial move first. That is, the service will move to Torus, but all your data will stay on Void. This is because we don’t have hundreds of GBs available for y’all to use on Torus (yet). However, later, we will probably move the data to a storage server at Hetzner too.