Jitsi Meet dropped

We have (silently) dropped the hosting of our own Jitsi Meet service last week. The rather big resource costs did not weigh up to the infrequent usage.

Any alternatives?

As an alternative for group (video) calls, you could use Jitsi’s own public service on meet.jit.si, switch to something different like Element Call on call.element.io, or just create a public call via the Talk app in Luon Cloud.

What about Matrix/Element?

Our Element Web instance was configured to use our own Jitsi Meet service but will now use Jitsi’s public service instead. Android/iOS Element already used Jitsi’s public service. Note that one-to-one calls are still peer-to-peer without using Jitsi!

All Element clients are currently being modified to use Element Call instead of Jitsi Meet for group calls. We will also host our own instance of that in the future, but it is not just there yet. We will keep you posted!