The Luon Network provides many services for its users. You can read more about us and about these services on this website.

Below follows some news about the Luon Network; you can read it here or subscribe to our feed.

Hosting Git repositories using Gitea

Last weekend Luon has launched Gitea as our service for hosting Git repositories at git.luon.net. Each Luon user has automatically access to this service and will be able to set up private and public Git repositories under their account as well as set up organisations to keep some repositories separate or collaborate more easily with others without giving access to your personal stuff. (An example organisation is Luon which hosts the (archived/old) original repositories hosted on git.luon.net.)

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Jitsi Meet service made available

In reaction to recent the social distancing measures, we have set up a Jitsi Meet instance that can be used by everyone to do audio/video conference just from the browser. You can find our instance at meet.luon.net. There you can create your own conferencing rooms. The rooms includes support for chat, moderation, screen sharing and some more features. Other people can join you by going to the same URL, so sharing is easy!

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Dropped some services

After adding some new services and reworking the mail setup, some not really used services were planned to be shut down. Due to barely any usage, we have dropped the following services:

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Matrix home server now available

We have recently installed a Matrix home server and thereby joined this interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication network. See the Matrix homepage about what it precisely is and how it works, but it can basically function as a replacement for Slack/Whatsapp/XMPP/etc.

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New mail server/service

The entire front part of our mail setup has been redone! All mail will be routed through a new server that will reject messages that are very definitely spam (using Rspamd). Then, it is forwared to another server that will sort it out into mailboxes using the default spam filter or the filter defined by our users. Also, all mailing lists that we used to have are cleaned up and the few that remained have also been moved to this server.

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