Jitsi Meet service made available

In reaction to recent the social distancing measures, we have set up a Jitsi Meet instance that can be used by everyone to do audio/video conference just from the browser. You can find our instance at meet.luon.net. There you can create your own conferencing rooms. The rooms includes support for chat, moderation, screen sharing and some more features. Other people can join you by going to the same URL, so sharing is easy!

There is also a “Jitsi Meet” Android and iOS app available for easy integration on your mobile phone in the respective app stores.

Soon, this feature will also be integrated in our Matrix setup so Jitsi Meet conference rooms can be associated with Matrix rooms. More on that later…

Note: We have set up some quotas and CPU/bandwidth limits because it is an open instance at the moment. In case it is slow or doesn’t work, let us know!

For more information about this service, see the service page.